Bharat Petroleum Mumbai routed Punjab Police by one goal


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Jalandhar October 18:

Holders Bharat Petroleum Mumbai started their campaign by registering 3-2 victory over spirited Punjab Police in the 27th Indian Oil Servo Surjit Hockey Tournament here at Olympian Surjit Hockey Stadium.

In Pool A Both teams played good hockey. In the 11th minute play, Bharat Petroleum got th lead when Gurpreet Singh struck through penalty corner (1-0). In the 24th minute, Punjab Police got the equaliser from the stick of Amit singh from right flank(1-1). In the 33rd minute Petroleummen took lead once again when their star Forward Amar Ayamma netted the ball ( 2-1).

In the 54th minute of the play Punjab Police once again got the equalizer, when prabhdeep Singh scored from left flank (2-2). In the 61st minute, Bharat Petroleum scored the winning goal, the goal scored by Hari Prasad (3-2). With this win, Bharat Petroleum earned three full points league.