Bhangra Group - Delhi NCR

Even if the Bhangra group did not materialize then, I am interested now...
C'mon Veero, me 2 in Gurgaon, do not know much about Bhangra, but performed once in college...
Let us form a Bhangra group, seems like there are quite some people interested..
I have been inspired by Punjabis in US n UK, otthe onna ne phatte chakke hoye ne !!
I want to be a part of "Bhangra Revolution" in India...

Sat shri akal g.

Mein V bot interested Bhangra Group Join karan Ch,Mein College Time ch Youth Festival ch participate karda c,kafi competition v kite ne.

But Hun fer Dil karda hai ki Hun Koi competition kariye,mein v delhi ch koi group lab rha c,but milya nai.

But tawada eh UNp dekh k mein tawanu msg kita

Wahe Guru G ka khalasa
Wahe Gure G Ki Fateh

Jatinder Singh
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Sat sri akal veeron,

I dn knw whether i'm way too late or not, but if there is such a group, please add me too.