Bhai Jagtar Singh Tara Arrested in Thailand


Sikh freedom fighter Bhai Jagtar Singh Tara, who assassinated former Punjab chief minister and killer of Sikh youths Beant, has been arrested in Thailand. Indian intelligence agencies have reportedly played a key role in arresting him. The Indian intelligence agencies have been searching for him for a long time.
It is worth mentioning that Bhai Jagtar Singh Tara is one of the main fighter of Sikh armed group Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) who along with his aides Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara, Bhai Parmjit Singh Bheora, Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana etc. planned the assassination of Beant who was the main accused of the massacre of Sikh youths during the Sikh armed freedom movement.
Along with Bhai Hawara and Bhai Bheora, he ran away from Burail Jail Chandigarh by digging up a long tunnel in the ground of the jail in 2004.