|| Bhagat Singh OR Mahatma Gandhi ||

Whom would u choose & u think is the best of the best??

  • Bhagat Singh

    Votes: 33 91.7%
  • Mahatma Gandhi

    Votes: 3 8.3%

  • Total voters


come on yaar...what a dumb ques to ask........and as guri said no cpmparison....
my vote goes 4 BHAGAT SINGH 4 sure........


BHAGAT SINGH yaar, te naale ah gandhi nal kee muqabla karde ho apne Bhagat Singh da,, ohdi bejti na karo gandhi nal muqabla karke, karna hee hai tan kisse brabar de nal karo


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I think Mahatma Gandhi was a gr8 man and a follower of non-violence. What we people of punjab think is totally irrevalent that bhagat singh is much more important than gandhi. Actually, it is gandhi who have done more work than bhagat singh. Bhagat singh is famous only for violence. He has done nothing for giving india her independence. There were many bhagat singhs in our country but gandhi was unique. Hence, it is our duty to forget bhagat singh and embrace the teachings of gandhi :)
JAI gandhi ji.


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^^^:tj...keri duniya ch rehnde tuc:-?

gandhi ji bhagat singh + group nu bcha skde c:dunno....fer bachaya kyu ni:mad

waise b i dont care wat ju think :P....evrybdy know the truth :gig