Benefits Of Elderberry


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The good old elderberry plant known to mankind for centuries now has been supremely esteemed for its astonishing health benefit. Although these edible berries have been around for long, it is only now that these dark-colored berries have come to be acknowledged by contemporary medical science. Mostly grown in the subtropical regions of North America, Europe, Northwest Africa and South America, elderberry plant is also popular as ‘black elder', 'European elderberry' and 'European black elderberry' worldwide. This purple tinted fruit had featured as a vital ingredient in folk herbal medicinal cure and was widely used to treat many health conditions. The hullabaloo on this potent berry led modern-day researchers to delve deeper on its health benefits that have produced surprising results. Elderberry is found to have many health-boosting properties and is known to be the ultimate remedy for seasonal flu. To explore more on the health benefits of these healthy berries, read on.

Nutrition & Health Benefits of Eating Elderberry

  • A recent health study has tipped off Elderberry as a potent remedy against seasonal flu. Consuming elderberry extract is known to cut down significantly on the severity of seasonal flu and also defend the body against its destabilizing upshots. Ingesting a generous dosage of elderberry extract every day will just secure your body against the straining affects of cold and flu. It has been buzzed as the best antidote against those diagnosed with type B influenza and is found to be equally effective in treating type A influenza too.

  • Elderberries are believed to be a potent source of flavonoids, especially anthocyanins, a compound that gives these berries their rich purplish pigment. Anthocyanins have anti-inflammatory properties that are known to alleviate all pains, aches and inflammation and are thus known to benefit rheumatoid arthritis patients greatly. What's more, these naturally available berries are much easier on body and come with no known side-effects like other prescribed drugs.

  • Elderberry is one of those natural herbs that can boost your body immunity like nothing else. These profound berries are found to pep up body immunity and prevent cell damage too. All the antioxidants, flavonoids and proteins shield the cells against damage and boost body resistance.

  • Elderberry is also held in great esteem in the medicinal world for its anti-viral properties. This deep pigmented fruit contains flavonoids like quercetin and the anthocyanins that have antioxidant properties, which equip the body to battle against all kinds of viruses. Elderberry also contains lectins, a component that is known to be effective against ten different strains of the flu virus.

  • Elderberry is known to be very effective in neutralizing the effects of bad cholesterol and is thus touted as a helpful remedy for curing cholesterol. Elderberry extracts, that contain good amount of cynidine glucosides, modestly help to tone down the raging cholesterol levels in human body.

  • Be cautious when eating elderberries. The unripe fruit, bark, leaves, and stems may contain cyanide which is poisonous.
  • Never eat the green parts of the elderberry plant.
  • Elderberry extracts are the best way to treat your body to its goodness since they are believed to have more rewarding benefits than the fruit itself. Always purchase the extract from a reputable source.