Beauty Shortcuts You Must Avoid

There are times when we are in a rush or just too exhausted to go through elaborate beauty rituals. While taking the easy way out is okay at times, certain shortcuts are better avoided.

Styling wet hair with heat
You have just shampooed hair and exactly ten minutes if you want to make it to work on time. You grab your blow-dryer, straightening iron or curling tongs and try to style your hair to look presentable. Problem solved? Wrong. You might think you are speeding up the drying process what you are instead doing is sapping your hair off moisture and turning it into a frizzy mess.

Make up on make up
You have a date right after work but have had absolutely no time to prettify yourself so you merely add some more makeup on the makeup that you did earlier in the day? Terrible idea. Adding foundation on your exiting foundation will make your face look loaded with makeup. It will clog pores and invite a pimple or two.

Not washing brushes
When was the last time you gave your beauty tools a thorough clean up? Makeup brushes and other tools are breeding grounds for bacteria. Product build up can worsen the situation if you don’t clean them regularly. Cleaning your tools is as important as disposing off old makeup.