Beauty Benefits In the Vitamin Aisle

For some people, the vitamin aisle at the store is better than Disneyland. It seems that you can fix everything and anything just by taking the right supplement. While its best that the majority of your nutrients is ingested through good, nourishing foods, there are definitely benefits to getting an extra boost of certain vitamins. If you are looking at vitamins for certain beauty benefits, rather than grabbing one of everything, look for those vitamins that target your needs whether its shinier hair, glowing skin, or stronger nails.

Take a look at these popular vitamins, and find out about their beauty benefits:

Vitamin E-This is the ultimate vitamin for your skin. Just like the vitamin E oil that you can apply topically, this vitamin supplement helps with sun damaged skin. It works to prevent natural skin drying, but just because you are taking an extra dose of vitamin E, don’t forego moisturizing.

Vitamin B- There are many B vitamins, so it is best to spring for a supplement that includes all of them; but B12 is most associated with health and beauty. Vitamin B12 is great for your skin, hair, and nails since it helps with the overall reproduction of cells. It also works to give you a natural energy boost that we could all use more of.

Vitamin C- Whenever I have a cold of any kind, I up my intake of vitamin C, but your health and beauty can always benefit from an extra dose of this antioxidant. It also works to help your skin with sun damage and fights any free radicals that hurt the youthful glow of your skin. And hey, with a boost of vitamin C, you can avoid scurvy…

Calcium- Though not a vitamin, calcium is very important for many reasons, and it has many beauty benefits. It works to prevent weak, brittle nails. As we all know, calcium makes your bones stronger, but I recently found out that this can help aging effects that show on your face. Bone deterioration in your face contributes to wrinkling and sagging; this can be prevented with calcium.