BBM Voice Chat and Channels coming to Android and iOS


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BBM Voice Chat and Channels coming to Android and iOS in 2014

BBM Voice for iPhone and Android


BBM Channels for iPhone and Android


Faster and easier sharing – from photos to voice notes, your location and more


Lots of new emoticons


BBM for Android and iOS has been downloaded millions of times, but the various other features of this app are still exclusive to BlackBerry 10 smartphone. But now it seems like that would be going to change in 2014, as new features will be coming to BBM on both of these popular mobile platforms.

In a Blog Post, BlackBerry has recently revealed that in 2014 the BBM for iOS and Android will get a major update with free voice calling functionality. And the BlackBerry Channels will be also coming to Android and iOS. BBM’s Product Manager, Sean Hungerford has confirmed that the BlackBerry Messenger app will also offer faster and easier sharing options with some new emoticons.

Source : Blackberry