Bappi Lahiri releases two singles as tribute to MJ


Prime VIP
Around this time last year, the whole world had come to an instant standstill. The moon had stopped glowing, the sun stopped shining, the stars stopped twinkling, the birds stopped chirping, and the winds stopped swaging, so on and so forth... The reason? Well, the King of Music, Michael Jackson had passed away from this world.

Yesterday was his first death anniversary. And to mark this occasion, Bollywood's very own 'Bling King' Bappi Lahiri released two singles composed in the honour of the late great Michael Jackson. He released the two tracks, viz., 'Don't Say Goodbye' and 'Michael O' Michael', which is incidentally a remix. In a very noble gesture, Bappi has pledged to donate royalty earned from the tracks to the underprivileged children in Maharashtra.

Some Bappi-ism that! We miss you Michael!