Bald Dhoni


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WC jittan di khushi vich Dhoni ne tind kada layi...


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rofl...ehnu puchey agg de duwaley beh key agg ch tel kadon pauna..rofl.

on another note: the achievement is great isto baad bhavey dhoni mohawk rakh lawey....he will still be liked.


*FrOzEn TeARs*
je haar ke ahonda te india vale ne kad deni c ganj hun ehne aape karva lahi

insaan pagal pan mein keya keya kar jaata hein :)


on off on off......
Mahendra Singh Dhoni sports a brand new look a day after our team lifted the World Cup..... Bald dhoni.....
It is great!! still looking nice.
While many would like to go for a "Cocktail" party, to celebrate the marvelous victory , Dhoni choose to offer his hair to Lord(Tirupathi),with in few hours, that too at 2.45 a.m. Shows that how he has got the divine Power ,as advised by his priest!!! Hats off to Dhoni. He has set an example to those who doesn't believe in GOD.