Punjab News Badal urged to safeguard Punjab rivers


Prime VIP
Patiala, June 27

The Sikh Students’ Federation (SSF) has asked the Punjab Government to challenge the authenticity of Sections 78, 79 and 80 of the Punjab Reorganisation Act (1966) in order to safeguard the riparian rights of the state.

SSF president Parmjeet Singh Gazi said these Sections were ultravires of the Constitution of India, and thus, void. Gazi told the TNS: “As per entry 17 of List-II under Seventh Schedule of the Constitution; water, that is to say, water supplies, irrigation and canals, drainage and embankments, water storage and water power are exclusive subjects of the states. However, in case of inter-state rivers, this entry is subject to the provisions of entry 56 of List-I that is the Union List, which authorises the Centre to regulate inter-state rivers. Using this power, the Centre has enacted the ‘Inter-State River Water Disputes Act, 1956’.”