Bad, Hair-Damaging Habits

There are some habits that we know aren’t good for us. Cigarette smoking, coffee drinking, and nail picking all fall under that category. While there are plenty of habits we know result in nothing good (not that it’s enough for us to stop), there are others that we don’t even think twice about that are actually doing damage. For those of us who try to save our already suffering hair from any extra damage, you may be surprised to find out that simple and common beauty habits are contributing to your dry and damaged locks.

Here is a list of these mindless beauty habits that you may think twice about after hearing their hair-breaking truth:

Towel Drying- This is definitely a habit I’m guilty of, but using a towel to dry your hair is a healthy hair no-no. The convenient towel rubdown and hair turban are actually working to damage your hair. Rough towel drying causes breakage and lifts up the hair cuticle. The best option is getting one of those microfiber hair towels since they are so exceptionally smooth they won’t snag your delicate strands, and they are very absorbing.

Brushing While Wet- When your hair is wet, it is at its most vulnerable. Hair strands swell with water and are easily susceptible to breakage. If you like to detangle your hair when you are conditioning in the shower, be sure to use a wide tooth comb rather than a brush because your hair is less likely to snag with a comb.

Hot Showers- This is definitely a hard habit to break. Sometimes the thing you need to de-stress at the end of your day is a burning hot shower. These high temperatures are damaging to your skin and hair because the heat strips natural oils and has a drying effect. I’m not suggesting ice cold showers, just somewhere in between.

Teasing- Back combing your hair for volume may look good, but it is working to break your strands and create split ends.

Tight Hairstyles- Wearing your severe ponytail everyday is very damaging and can result in traction alopecia which is basically hair loss starting from your hairline from the constant tug of a tight hairstyle. Luckily, loose styles are in fashion, so you can save your locks.

Over Washing- Most, if not all, people don’t need to shampoo their hair on a daily basis. This results in dry, brittle hair that lacks any of the important natural oils that provide protection. Just remember that conditioning is good, shampooing is bad.