B21 - 1.2.B (Out 19th June)


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Moviebox is proud to announce that the new B21 album '1-2-B' is finally set to release after many years in the making. Bhota Jagpal & Bally Jagpal are finally ready to make their long awaited comeback with Moviebox who launched B21 in 1996.

12B - OFFICIAL TEASER - B21 (ALBUM OUT ON 19.06.2014) - YouTube

Numerous hit albums; biggest tracks of all time; a list of national awards; most sought after stars on stage, radio and television; hundreds of thousands of fans; and the only Bhangra band to sprawl an industry. The B21 story was never completed...just paused.

The re-start button is now about to be pressed as Bhota Jagpal and Bally Jagpal prepare to take the reins of the music industry once again. They come back by unprecedented public demand as a stronger and bolder duo with a trail blazing sound that'll lead from the front.

12B is a sweetener for their fans for being away for so long. It's the result of 12 years of developing, analysing and experimenting with a sound that has to be right for the music industry as it is now and the direction it needs to go in the future. This 12 track album features the vocals of Sardool Sikander, Miss Pooja, Shazia Manzoor, Bhota Jagpal, Bally Jagpal and new surprise debutants.

So, whether you want to dance, celebrate, feel loved up or show a bit of attitude 12B has the range of tracks to suit, and showcases Bhota Jagpal and Bally Jagpal's musical repertoire to the full. Check out the double version of 'Dil Tharke' and you'll get the drift.

B21 were born to succeed. Bhota Jagpal and Bally Jagpal's success has very much been due to their amazing song selection and music production skills. Some of this has been with B21, some of it as solo artists and some of it as producers for major stars such as the Safri Boys, Satrang and Sardara Gill. Combining that level of talent with that kind of passion for music has always been a perfect storm for a massively successful phenomenon. And now that phenomenon is about to step forward...as the eye of the storm!

12B by B21 will thunder around the world on 19.06.2014 via MOVIEBOX.​
Lol they put out a statement very similar to this (if not the same) a few years back...and a few years before that also...
Ha I will believe it when I see it. These B21 guys are some lazy dudes. Ripped the game with music back in the day but have been on a hiatus for far too long. This album should be a masterpiece considering all the time they spent on it...if it ever comes out that is..
Looks to be a newer trailer too for the album and it seems they have made a music video or two for the album as well. Again, I will believe it when I see it when it comes to these guys because they have let many fans down over the years. Thanks for the post though.