Avoid summer make-up meltdown


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Keeping regular make-up from melting during the hot months is a challenge. For this reason many women don't even think about getting adventurous with cosmetics during summer. But with a bit of help from an expert, it is possible to try out dramatic new looks. Gulnoza, Inglot's Dubai-based make-up trainer, shares her secrets to exciting make-up even when the mercury is soaring.


White is an easy-to-wear summer colour in fashion but when it comes to make-up, it's a huge challenge. How can one wear white eye make-up?

White eyeliner pencils and eyeshadows are refreshing options for summer. But there are rules for wearing both. White eyeliner, if worn alone, gives the eyes a vacant look, which is why international make-up artists are now teaming white with another colour and creating the "double liner" effect. You can do that yourself by first defining the upper eyelid with black or any dark eyeliner and then enhancing it with white eyeliner.

As far as white eyeshadow goes, it looks very trendy when worn just a little along the lash line. Dark-skinned women can also wear it this way. However, teaming white eyeshadow with a white eyeliner is a no-no. You can wear a white eyeliner to contrast with a deeper eyeshadow if you wish. But the trendiest way to wear white eyeliner, in double effect, is on bare lids with no eyeshadow.

Can one wear false eyelashes in summer without making the eyes look overdressed?

Although many women stay away from false lashes in day-to-day life as they consider them frivolous, I can tell you that false eyelashes accentuate a woman's beauty. In fact this is Kim Kardashian's little beauty secret. Wear false lashes, do some face contouring and that's it! Once you have pretty lashes, you can do away with make-up and still look beautiful as lush lashes make the eyes appear more almond-shaped.

Are pop colour eyeshadows a no-no in this heat?

They are one of the biggest make-up trends this season. Pick a bold colour like green or orange and wear it as a single colour over the eyelids. The other way is to flaunt the colour along the lash lines. Do not blend the colour up to the brow bone. Pick either the matte or the lightly frosted versions in any bright colours. The texture doesn't matter much as long as you don't wear it with gold sparkles during daytime. After that, define the eyes with an eyeliner, in a contrasting or matching shade.

Can one wear frosty eyeshadows in summer?

Frosty eyeshadows in pink, peach and beige are perfect for evening wear in summer. For daytime, pink is perhaps the only colour that can be sparingly worn. Women with small eyes benefit the most from frosty colours as they make the eyes look bigger. Frosty eyeshadow can also be used to create the illusion of more space between the brow bone and the eyelids. Make sure your blush is matte.

What about metallic eyeshadows?

Gold looks nice on the eyelids, but since it's an attention-drawing colour, use it only for night-time make-up. When wearing gold, dress up your eyes for maximum impact. A clean, strong line of black eyeliner and lots of mascara and false lashes will look smashing with gold. If you insist on sparkle during daytime, choose bronze for the eyelids since it's a bit more earthy and subtle than gold.

Black liquid eyeliner or soft black eye pencil, which is better?

For summer, it should be black eyeliner in a liquid gel version. To counter humidity, choose a waterproof formula in a matte texture.


Shimmery terracotta for the cheeks in summer?

Yes, provided it is used in evening make-up. To wear it well, prep the face with a moisturiser and apply a bronzer along the cheekbones and the T-zone. Wear strong black eye make-up and finish with a natural lipstick or gloss. Also, mix a bit of your bronzing powder/gel with your body moisturiser and apply it on the arms and the legs.

Summer brings along a profusion of peach blushes and lipsticks. Why?

Warm peach tones help refresh a tired complexion, that's why. If you still want to follow the old rule of matching your blush with your lipstick family it's up to you, but the new trend is to move out of the family. This means if you're wearing peach blush, you can pick a pink lipstick and vice versa.


How can one wear a red shade of lipstick in summer without setting off style red alerts?

Vibrant lipsticks are a prominent trend for the whole of 2011. In summer, pick a bright red, fuschia or orange lipstick in a matte texture. You can team red lipstick with nude eyes and mascara, clear skin, and a fresh natural blush. The look is all about statement lips, therefore for daytime wear, don't overdo the eye make-up. In the evening you can team red lips with gold eyeshadow.

What are the rules for wearing coloured lipglosses?

It's quite an art to keep your gloss from melting during the hot summer months. The trick is to first prep the lips with a long-wearing matte, waterproof lipstick or lip pencil and then apply the gloss only on the centre of the lips.

Should you wear clear gloss if you have dark, spotted lips?

Spotted and unevenly coloured lips are common problems affecting many women. To combat this, before wearing your lipgloss or lipstick, pick a matte lipliner one to two shades darker than your lips and fill in the lip surface. Then blot the lips a little and apply clear gloss.


Are there any new rules to wearing pop colours on nails?

The nails are short and square this season. The rule was to wear the same nail colour on the feet and hands, but now it is also trendy to wear funky combinations on hands and feet. For example, go for apple green on the hands and yellow on the feet - it looks fabulous!