At 90%, Economics (H), B.Com (H) is beyond reach of most DU aspirants

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Forget about getting admission in Delhi University (DU) under the first cutoff list if you have scored below 90% and want to study Economics (Honours) and BCom (Honours).
None of the DU colleges that offer Economics (Hons) and BCom (Hons) have declared a cutoff below 90% in its first list this year. Out of the 53 colleges that offer BCom (Hons), 32 have cutoffs higher than 95% and eight colleges have set the minimum mark between 90-95 %.
Similarly, out of the 34 colleges that offer Economics (Hons), 33 have cutoffs above 95% and only one has cutoff between 90-95%.
Economics (Hons) and BCom (Hons) are two of the most sought after undergraduate courses in the university. This year, the university received 82,632 applications for Economics (Hons) and 72,996 for BCom (Hons).
“Both the courses are high in demand among students. Students who score very well in their board exams usually apply for these courses. Hence, the colleges tend to keep their cutoffs high for these courses. At Ramjas, we have seen an overwhelming number of applications for the two courses,” said Rajinder Kumar, principal.
The cutoffs, however, may see a slight dip in the second list but is likely to hover around 90% in most colleges.
Last year, the cutoff for BCom (Hons) remained 90% and above for all colleges except Aditi Mahavidyalaya where it came down to 88% in the second list. The cutoff for Economics (Hons) remained 90% or above in all colleges.
In the third list last year, admissions in most colleges were closed for both the courses. Those colleges that did have seats only accepted students who scored 90% or more.
“The cutoff may go down by 0.25-1% but it will still remain above 90% in most colleges. That is because there is a huge demand for these two courses. Students should wait and watch” said Rama, acting principal of Hansraj.
The highest cutoff for BCom (Hons) is at Ramjas College at 99.25%, a jump of 1.50% points from last year. In 2015, the highest cutoff for BCom (Hons) was at 98% at Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College, College of Vocational Studies and Lady Sri Ram College for Women.
The highest cutoff for Economics (Hons) is at Ramjas College and Kalindi College at 98.50%.
The lowest cutoff for BCom (Hons) is 92% at Aditi Mahavidyalaya and Satyawati College (Evening). Similarly, the lowest cutoff for Eco (Hons) is 92% at Satyawati College (Evening).
Overall the cutoffs for Commerce and Economics saw an increase of around 0.25-3% points in most colleges this year.