Asustek to launch 8-inch 64-grayscale e-book reader


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Asustek to launch 8-inch 64-grayscale e-book reader at below US$599

Asustek 8-inch TFT-LCD e-book reader

Asustek Computer will launch an e-book reader with an 8-inch 64-grayscale TFT-LCD screen without backlight for own-brand sale at below US$599 in October 2010, according to the company.

Asustek is negotiating bundled sales with mobile telecom carriers, the company indicated.

The LCD panel of Asustek's e-book reader is provided by Chimei Innolux (CMI), which makes it with a special process to improve reflection, Digitimes Research analyst Mingchi Kuo said. While the LCD panel offers fast response time, it is still no match for e-paper in terms of contrast ratio and reflective performance, he added.

Kuo commented that Asustek is facing a difficult fight as it currently has no content support for its e-book reader and the price is much higher than the US$100-200 for current mainstream e-book readers.