Asus VivoBook S550CM touch-Ultrabook launched for Rs 57,999


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Asus launched VivoBook S550CM, a metal-styled, touch-Ultrabook with optical drive today. The Asus VivoBook S550CM encompasses hairline-spun textured metal surfaces. Asus claims that the VivoBook S550CM, with its Ultrabook form factor, packs full features in a slender build and that the slim design makes it easy to carry.

In official statement, Asus adds that the Ultrabook has a responsive touchscreen means users’ fingers can slide edge to edge. The Ultrabook has been augmented using Asus Smart Gesture technology. The touchpad on Asus VivoBook S550 supports improved touch input actions such as tapping, scrolling, zooming, dragging, clicking, and more. Smart Gesture technology combines hardware and software optimisation to present a new standard in touch fidelity.

Asus claims that the VivoBook S550 gives you deeper and richer bass, a wider audio range, true-to-life surround, powerful output, distinct vocals, and clarity. It employs large speakers and resonance chambers, with exclusive Asus AudioWizard. It also offers access to new dimensions of sound, with selectable modes fitting the needs based on the environment and preferences to ensure multi-faceted and living music, movie, and even game sound.

Asus launched its touch-Ultrabook

Asus VivoBook S550 is powered by up to third-generation Intel Core i5 processors based on 22nm Ivy Bridge technology. The latest Intel Core processors deliver smart output, opening up powerful experiences. They help Asus VivoBook S550 tailor-match every application you put it to.

Asus VivoBook S550 features an Nvidia GeForce GT 635M graphics with DirectX 11 compatibility to provide great computing power. With up to 4GB of dedicated DDR3 video memory, the discrete graphics processor accelerates S550 performance.

Asus VivoBook S550 with cloud-based WebStorage lets the user access all documents, photos, music, and videos from any device they’re on, with instant file synchronisation. Asus WebStorage uses link-based sharing to get users and their family or friends connected via one unified cloud life. Asus VivoBook S550 arrives with free 32GB of WebStorage cloud space for three years.
Asus Super Hybrid Engine II technology offers smartphone-like two-second instant on from sleep or hibernate modes, so you can resume without delay. Asus VivoBook S550 is all about quick accessibility and with its energy-conserving design goes into standby for up to two weeks. Open files and tasks are kept safe in memory, plus should the battery drop below 5 percent charge while they’re away, data gets automatically backed up. The valuable content is always secure and within reach.

Peter Chang, Regional Head - South Asia and Country Manager, Asus India, said, “Asus has developed a range of Instant Functions especially for Windows 8, enabling fuller immersion in the new operating system. Asus VivoBook S550 ushers in completely new touch experiences with its all-glass panel. The interface design puts you first, so it’s utterly user friendly, offering quick settings and direct access to your content. We are excited to offer something users can change the way they work and feel in seconds!"