Asus 1015PX netbook - As You Like it!


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Tablet PCs may be all the rage these days, but before the hype of the tablet, there was the hype of the "netbook"; a portmanteau of the words "internet" and "notebook", the netbook defines a class of devices that focuses on enabling storage and computing processes on websites/services, leaving only the user action part on the devices. Think of Google Docs for documents, Grooveshark for music and Adobe Photoshop Express for image editing.

Asus was the pioneer in this class, launching the first in these devices with their EEE series. We've come a long way since then and Asus's newest and finest — the 1015PX is a fine example of the progress.

In terms of size, it's a standard affair 10.1-inch netbook, but the matte finish white does give it an appeal. It does gather dirt quickly but a soft wipe with a dry cloth will get it right off. The bezel around the screen is black, though, giving it a contrast-y look when open. The screen has a resolution of 1024x600 which is found on most netbooks but it is matte, which is easy on your eyes and better to work with a light source behind you (or outside with the sun).

The rest of the body is decently designed too, with the power supply, VGA port and a USB port on the left; and LAN, two USB Ports, headphone and card reader on the right. There's also a Kensington lock so that you can lock this unit down to where you are working.

When you're looking at buying a netbook, the keyboard is one of, if not the most important, things to look at. If you can't type on it well (after the "adjustment" phase) then you might as well have bought a photo frame. Luckily for the 1015PX, it has a great keyboard going for it. The keys are of a good size and well-spaced, making typing easier than a lot other netbooks. The track-pad is spacious too and supports multitouch gestures — so if you want to scroll down you can use two fingers to do that; pretty nifty.

The processor on the Asus is the Intel N570, which makes it one of the fastest netbooks on the market now. Using it with Windows 7, I didn't find any unusual sluggishness on any of the applications. Of course, you can't game on this machine or use it to play high-res 1080p videos, but on a screen that size you wouldn't want to either.

The battery life of a netbook is the second critical element in making your decision. These devices were created for long, portable computing. Luckily for this, Asus it has a good thing going; battery life with Wi-Fi off and low-mid brightness was more than five hours. Switch the Wi-Fi on and bump up the brightness and you will have just under four hours. While it isn't "all day" you'll still be getting a considerable amount of work done.