As Farmers Commit Suicides, Telangana CM KCR Spends Rs 7 crore On Religious Ceremony

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The chief minister of Telangana, Chandrasekhar Rao has organized a religious ceremony costing Rs 7 crores, even as farmers in the state are suffering due to lack of rainfall with many already committed suicide because of heavy debts.

With questions being raised at the whooping amount spent, the chief minister has claimed that he has not taken even a single penny from the state exchequer. Whereas the total expenditure is estimated to be 20 crores, including the state expenditure towards the guest list for the ceremony that comprises of Chief Ministers and dignitaries from around the country and President Pranab Mukherjee. This states that many government officers must have taken leaves and skipped other important jobs to attend the yagna.

Out of 443 mandals in Telangana State, 231 have been declared drought hit, including 46 mandals of Rao’s native Medak district, all the 64 mandals in Mahbubnagar district and all the 36 mandals in Nazamabad district from where his daughter Kavitha is elected.

Instead of helping the farmers and using scientific measures, they are blamed for saving money for their children’s education and wedding. It is difficult to understand how can people be led on the path of superstition on the name of universal peace and universal well-being.

Recently in the United states, 36 million polyethene black balls were put over a huge water reservoir to prevent the evaporation of 300 million gallons of water. The reservoir is the main supply of water for the drought-hit district in United states and what more each ball costs about 36 cents. Do that math. Our constitution directs our citizens to enhance scientific temper through the Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP). The red line is clear as to how developed scientific nations tackle issues like drought and how we have misplaced priorities. Kindly Inculcating scientific temper is not necessarily shunning faith or rituals.

Telangana came to being with a lot of promise, a lot of potential for equitable growth. Telangana has the unique opportunity being a new state to plan its way for the future a luxury which not many states have. We strongly feel Telangana could and should do a lot better than seeking divine intervention to address people’s problems. The Logical Indian also requests the central government to do all it can to provide drought relief and end the farmer suicide spree in Telangana and we are of the opinion that the same money could have been used to help the needy, as universal peace cannot be achieved if young minds are losing education to support their families and debt-ridden farmers are committing suicides.