Art of Proposing your girlfriend !


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Proposing to you girl friend is the most important thing in a man's life. This is a question that brings immense joy and excitement in your life. This moment is cherished all your life and therefore this moment has to be special. Now before you get down on one knee, read these dos and don'ts of proposing.


Do Talk about Marriage:

Before you propose, talk about the possibility of getting married. Make sure it's something that you both want.

Do make it a Surprise: :d

Even though you have discussed marriage, the proposal itself should still be a surprise. Find a moment and a way that is special and she should not be expecting it. Remember it should be a surprise.

Do Find the Right Engagement Ring:

Since wearing an engagement ring is a lifetime commitment, make sure it's the right style. If you think its difficult choosing the right ring yourself, you can also ask her mother or best friend to help choose the ring.

Do Take Elders Blessings: :y

It is always better to take the consent of both the parents. Therefore before you pop the question, make sure that you have spoken to her and your parents about it.

Do Pick a Personal Spot:

Think about your favorite romantic places -- choose a romantic spot to pop the question. Just make sure that it is a special spot and this is your personal moment.

Do Be Creative:

Incorporate your personality, favorite things, foods etc. into the proposal. Make it memorable and something to cherish the rest of your lives.

Do Drop to one knee:

It's not 1950, but there is something so charming and romantic about a man on one knee asking the love of his life to marry him. Even if you're not a traditional guy, it will add to the seriousness and lovingness of the proposal.

Do Tell Her Why You Want to Marry Her: :p

Don't just utter those 4 little words, tell her why she's the one for you, what marriage means to you, and what your hopes for the future are. Make her feel special and great about the relationship and the future ahead.


Don't Make it Public: :sehaj

Please don't propose to her in a public place. Make it intimate and a personal thing. The moment belongs to you therefore this magical moment should be between just the two of you – after all, you've got the rest of your lives to tell other people about your marriage but you've only got one engagement moment.

Don't Propose on a holiday:

Consider picking a day meaningful to your relationship, such as the anniversary of your first date. Your girlfriend wants her day to shine – don't propose on a holiday that can't be yours as a couple.

Don't Hide the Engagement Ring in Food:

I hate to say it, (as I'm sure there are some readers who were planning to do just this) but hiding the engagement ring in food is a tired idea. It's been in a thousand movies and TV shows, and you won't win any points for creativity. Even worse, you may end your romantic proposal with a trip to the emergency room or the dentist. >haha

Don't Do it in Front of Her Family:

Its one thing to take blessings of her parents but don't make the mistake of proposing in their presence. Proposals in front of family have an added level of stress that you don't need. Take this moment to be just the two of you; don't worry, you can call everyone immediately afterwards.

Don't Propose if you are not sure: ---
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This is an important decision of your life. Therefore first think whether you are ready for marriage and responsibility and then propose to her. Also get to know what she feels too.

Don't Expect Her to say Yes Immediately: :wall

You're asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you – an extremely important decision. Just because you've asked, doesn't mean she is ready to say yes. If your sweetheart says maybe, take it in stride and give her some time to consider the proposal.


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How to Propose a Guy :cool:

- Guys can be highly emotional and tend to feel vulnerable in overwhelming emotional situations. So make sure you both are in a place that is not too crowded. The idea of proposing your guy in the middle of a game is not very ideal!

- Make it memorable. A guy loves to be wooed as much as girls do. So propose in the most enjoyable way making the whole moment memorable. Propose in a place that means a lot to him. Maybe a neighborhood park where he grew up chasing squirrels, or the place where you went for your first date, all are special to him and can be made memorable by proposing him there.

- Not only girls, even guys love to receive flowers. So this Valentine's Day, send him a big bouquet of roses and card in which it is written," Will you marry me?" or I LOve U

- However you do it, do not show desperation. Guys are not too enthusiastic about marriage and can run faster than a cheetah :d at the very mention of commitment. Make it steady and don't be too pushy about it and make sure he is comfortable.

- If you can afford it, hire a billboard near his house. Flash your message on it. But, please do make sure that he sees the same. Otherwise, all your efforts will lead to no results.

- Make the proposal utterly romantic. Invite him to a bar for byudas.. or normal party that is not too crowded or take a corner seat. Slip on that sexy black dress, let down your curls and make sure you look stunning :d . Order a nice drink/juice and propose him while he takes that last sip. Just make sure he doesn't choke on it! >haha

- Make a video, telling him about your feelings like how much you love him and care for him. Get this cassette or CD delivered to him and wait for his reply. Better still, be with him when he watches the video. You will get to see his immediate reaction. :tear

- Take him out for some romantic movie. With the help of the theater staff, display the words "I Love You (Name)" or "(Name), Will You Marry Me", just before the movie starts.

- Another way of proposing is to announce it on the radio. But, first make sure that he listens to the radio and is tuned on the same station on which you are going to make the announcement. hahahhahhaha

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the simple way.. just call the moron and say i like u u .. dash dash dash ... thatz it Finish.