Arranged vs Love Marriage


b@ck in bu$ine$$
hey marrige or any relationship..they dont exist untill you have
> Trust
> Faith
> Patience
> mutual Respect
Noone can define what love is really but at the ground level i'd not be wrong to say that if 2 people have this is common they are in is'nt a bad word if you look at the elaborated defination, 2 sisters can be in love, 2 friends can be in love...its the that love that leads to sex is LOOOOOOVEEEE lol nah its a different type but i guess you have an idea of what i am going on all i am saying is does'nt matter what your marrige is?
love or arranged if you are compatible its the happy one :)


I go with DEJAVU !

very few posts took the subject seriously - although this is a crisis in modern life + traditional life.

There is no comparison - both are different lookouts and requires one thing common...RESPONSIBILITY. IN arranged is with parents and relatives who find and settles a couple and in love marriage it is on your shoulders.

These days...modern life pressure is so much that arrange marriages are becoming more insecure as compared to love marriages but whatever we do...we have to have stand for our chosen way of life.

Love is great feeling but it should not be judged by economical status, being NRI familes or caste and religion...
There are few who tastes this !!


Sohni Muteyar
main v es gal to agree hain ke es gal to koi farak ni penda ke marriage luv hai ke arrange. bus tusi har rishte di respect karo te tuhadi life apne aap settle ho javegi.

Shayad farak hai te sadi soch vich ke e luv marriage hai te ehe arrange te asi us relation nu usi tarah pick karde means sade kai (many) bujurg (old person) ehe sochde ke j munde ne luv marriage kar lai te usne bahut vada gunah kar lita. o usdi wife vaste e sochde ne ki o bahut chalak hai sade munde nu apne pyaar de jaal vich fasa lita te vaih kara leya par shayad o onadi eni seva kare ke jo unadi arrange marriage vali nu vi na kare.per usnu (wife nu) bahut kuch sehna penda hai apne life nu settel karn lai. pata ni eda kyun hunda.

RABB ne jedi kismat vich jo likheya o hoke renda hai g. so tension kyun leni g jo v hovega usnu RABB da mitha bana man ke kabool kar lavange.


sade wangu rakh haunsle
bai jo rockalimba me kiha oh theek aa......aape ho dekhlo oh vadya ajkal...coz life ch jina pressure aa oh 2 lovers ik duje nu jaande te understand karde hon karke handle kar lende aa...baki rahi gal love te arreange kar lao....te baad ch parents nu keh ohnu arrange bana lao....!!


ChArDi KaLaN
jis nal kismat wich likhia hoya us nal hi hona hai,

us nu koi insaan nai change kar sakda
yaar ki fark penda arrange hove bhavein love hove...kayi arrange marriages v inni achi chaldiyaan ne..te kayi love marriage saal baad hi tutt jaandiyaan ne..i mean u really can't say ki kehri aali jaada successful hundi..and taht's what we really want ki saadi avdi yaa saade bacheyaan di marriage successful hove..tutte na..and blah blah..:w