Army to get electronic interceptors soon


Prime VIP
Chandigarh, June 29

With signal interception playing a major role in the intelligence operations within the emerging information warfare spectrum, the Military intelligence is in the process of acquiring electronic intercept receiver to boost its ability to monitor hostile air waves.

Apart from voice and data intercepts, the Army also wants to keep a tab on various radars and other equipment emitting radio frequency (RF) signals that could help detect and deduce enemy capability, movements and possible motives.

“There are various RF emitters, including various types of radars apart from the one used for communication system used by our neighboring countries. There is need to monitor these emitters by our security forces to obtain required information. Hence, a RF Intercept Receiver is required that can monitor these non-communication emitters,” a request for proposal issued by the Directorate of Military Intelligence said earlier this month.

Battlefield surveillance radars, artillery fire control and detection radars, the GPS systems, man-portable tactical radars, radio jammers and ground sensors are examples of equipment besides communication sets that are in use with the military forces. Militant groups are also known to use some electronic gadgets like the GPS and remote triggering devices. Signal interception is heavily used by the security forces in Jammu and Kashmir.

The Army also wants system configurations that support manned, unmanned, remote and autonomous continuous operations in harsh environments over long period of time. The system should also have means of storing intercepted data.