Army sees 5 core lapses by its men

Jaswinder Singh Baidwan

Akhran da mureed
Staff member
An initial internal assessment by the Northern Command identified five core lapses that could have led to the terrorist attack.
Top sources confirmed that killing of 18 personnel was not possible without lapses in following the standard operating procedures at locations close to the Line of Control.
Firstly, militants crossed the double barbed wire fence, supposed to be patrolled 24x7. Secondly, they breached the perimeter fencing of the military camp.
Thirdly, soldiers who were part of an advance party of the 6 Bihar Regiment were not staying inside a built-up area which was available, but putting up in tents in the open.
Fourthly, the tents were too close to the fuel dump of the Uri brigade. Fifthly, ample men were not on guard duty or only a few had weapons in ready-to-fire mode.
The Army assessment accepted that the initial burst usually had some casualties. But, it was inexplicable to lose 14 men when tents caught fire after grenades were lobbed.
Of the 18 deaths, 14 occurred due to fire in the tents. Those who escaped the fire were gunned down.
It was being suspected that the terrorists hid inside the military camp for a few hours before launching the attack and were aware of the personnel putting up in tents.
"Having seen the Army closely, I feel, it needs to be analysed as to what happened there...It needs to be investigated how the incident took place and what were the lacunas... from the Army's side, alertness is required. The Kashmir situation needs to be thought about. Action has to be taken without getting influenced by emotions, anger. It has to be taken coolly and with proper planning." V K Singh, Union Minister and former Army Chief
"One has to accept that the situation today is worse than what was during the Congress regime. At a time when pro-Pakistan sloganeering is on in Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan flags are being hoisted there, the Centre should dissolve the state government and impose 'martial law' there as President's (Governor's) rule wouldn’t suffice." Shiv Sena in “Saamana” Editorial