Army colonel killed in encounter in North Kashmir


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An army colonel was killed in an encounter with militants in the dense forests of Lolab Valley in North Kashmir, official sources said today.

Col Neeraj Sood, commanding officer of 18 Rashtriya Rifles, was gunned down by terrorists last night, they said.

The encounter was still on in the area when last reports came in. Additional forces have been rushed to the area.


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:salut to colonel

Don't know how many more brave sons of soil (armymen or armed rebellions) will be killed for the serving the selfish motto of politicans and intelligentia?

I can't understand how can armed ppl cross the border without the help of insiders on both sides?? If yes, why in 60 years we have kept our border so porous.

Not only in India, even in US.
Mexicans cross the border, even drug peddlers from mexico cross the border but suprisingly not much guns...:p (insiders are smart in US, they don't sell themselves to the level of putting their countrymen in danger).