Arjun wants to give back to society


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"Gunday" star Arjun Kapoor believes that after reaching a "certain level" in their career, actors want to give back to society. And he is happy to be able to contribute towards conservation of the environment.

"WWF have showcased their immense work over the years. I thought that a collaboration with such an organization would be correct as I thought there would be value for what they say. The bigger picture is the cause and not me in the cause," Arjun, the brand ambassador for WWF - India, told IANS.

"I'm fortunate that they chose me out of all the actors they could've signed. I'm very happy because an actor wants to give back and do something after reaching a certain level. I couldn't have had a better opportunity to speak about conserving the world," he added.

The 30-year-old believes everyone can contribute.

"You can become a part of WWF in a very small way and without spending too much money. If you turn the tap off while brushing teeth or turn off electricity before leaving home, you can become a part of WWF," he said.

On the film front, Arjun will next be seen in "Ki and Ka".