Arizona Police Exposed Once Again


Prime VIP

Perhaps, the Arizona police department was hoping the recent dump exposing their force was the last, but they must have been sorely disappointed with another dump which has already been published yesterday on the world’s largest BitTorrent website The Pirate Bay

Anonymous followed LulzSec in their joint campaign “AntiSec”. When hacker group LulzSec made the first dump about the Arizona Police Force available online, it was not a clearly comprehensive archive of what was planned on being leaked. Today, another dump has been published, and this one really puts in to question how much the AntiSecurity movement really has. The question is whether it was everything they had when they leaked anything about agencies earlier. In case of the Arizona police department, one dump wasn’t everything that the hacker groups were capable of.

The first dump contained a treasure trove of secret law enforcement documents, while in the new one Anonymous dumped booty pirated from a number of Arizona police officer’s personal email accounts looking specifically for humiliating dirt. The second leak contains personal details like names and addresses, as well as phone numbers, passwords, and even social security numbers. Moreover, the hacker group went as far as posting Internet dating account info and seductive girlfriend pictures of several Arizona police officers.

The curious fact is that the dump also exposed the AZDPS spokesperson Stephen Harrison bragging to the news of upgrading their security and plans to catch the evil hacktivists who exposed them. It seems like it wasn’t secure enough, since Anonymous managed to own his personal Hotmail and Facebook accounts, which allowed them to dump all his personal info for the world to see. Hackers promised the same fate to everyone else trying to paint them as terrorists in order to push for more censoring state laws.

This is not the full list of what the latest dump contains. It is a bit more than 150MB big, but more can be found in that particular release. Meanwhile, it is still unclear whether Arizona police would be targeted again, and neither the hackers gave a hint on who will be next in line. The only thing is for sure: if the AntiSecurity movement wanted to state their control over the hacking wars now, one can say they were quite successful at demonstrating their point by this latest release.