Apple rumored to begin accepting iPad pre-orders this Thursd


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According to a Friday post by AppAdvice, there is a chance that the US Apple online store might begin accepting pre-orders for the WiFi iPad model as early as this coming Thursday, February 25. The publication sourced the information from a “reliable” source:
According to a reliable source of ours familiar with the matter, Apple will be starting the presale of the iPad as soon as February 25th.
AppAdvice, which lacks an established track record of accurate rumor reporting, reported that pre-orders will be for US customers only and limited to WiFi iPads. Apple would ship pre-ordered units, AppAdvice noted, within approximately 30 days.
Steve Jobs said at the iPad unveiling last month that the WiFi model hits store shelves worldwide “late March” and its 3G counterpart a month later. Some have deciphered the vague target as March 29 because it falls on the last Friday that month, arguing that Apple had said the original iPhone would arrive late June and then begun shipping the phone on June 29, 2007.
The iPad will be offered in two flavors, the first with WiFi-only connectivity and the other with an added 3G circuitry for cellular data on the move. The 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB WiFi models cost $499, $599, and $699, respectively. Their equally-capacious 3G counterparts are a $130 more.

Folks buying 3G-enabled models can also select one of AT&T’s optional data plans: $14.99 a month for 250MB of 3G data and unlimited 3G data for $30 a month. We noted that a 3G iPad customer actively using unlimited 3G data would be paying over $1,600 over a 24-month period for a combined monthly service fees plus the cost of the hardware.
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