Apple may be considering OLED for next iPad update


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According to sources in the component industry Apple is already thinking about hardware for the second-generation iPad. It is believed that one area of investigation is how viable it would be to replace the LCD panel found in current iPads with an OLED solution. OLED is typically significantly more expensive than LCD panels, and therefore would either cut Apple’s profit margins significantly, or raise the price of the iPad to compensate.
Digitimes analyst Mingchi Kuo believes OLED is not a display technology Apple can and will consider yet due to its high cost. He compares the price of the current LCD display in the iPad, which is thought to be around $70, to the equivalent size OLED. A 9.7″ OLED panel currently costs around $500.
There has also recently been a rumor that Apple is considering a 5-7″ iPad launch in 2011.