Apple investigating iOS 4 issues for the iPhone 3G


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There has been a lot of talk about iOS 4 ever since its initial release a few weeks back; since then, Neowin has covered reports of issues of iPhone battery life being reduced and iPhone 3GS random reboots. But, it also appears that there are other issues with the iPhone 3G that Apple is currently investigating.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is looking into reports that iOS 4 is rendering the 3G unusable because of the poor performance of the operating system. Many complaints say that the phone is slow to use after the update, has poor battery life, and the device becomes extremely hot.

While it’s unclear the exact issue, hopefully Apple will be able to resolve them in short order, but it’s safe to say that users shouldn’t expect Apple to admit that there is an issue.

It seems that Apple has fallen a bit further from the tree with iOS and the iPhone 4. While it’s typical that there are some teething issues with new products and software, the amount of issues that have surfaced regarding the phone and the operating system are not archetypal with Apple products.

Apple is known for its top secret testing procedures and it makes you wonder if because of this, proper testing was never completed. Regardless of what has happened, it’s now up to Apple to remedy the situation.