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One of the killer features demoed at Google I/O, on Android 2.2, was the OS’ ability to install pushed applications right from Google’s Market website. Unfortunately, Google has yet to update the Android Market (or its website) with this functionality, however the underlying code that makes this possible is ready to go in Froyo. AppBrain, “a website which makes sense out of the high number of apps available in the Android market,” has developed its own application titled Fast Web Installer that will provide this functionality for your Android 2.2 device right now. Install and authorize the app, visit, click install, and you’re done. The client will fully install requested applications without user interaction; applications still have to be uninstalled directly from the handset. Now, AppBrain’s utility may be short lived — since Google will definitely be rolling out the exact same service — but if you have a 2.2 device with Android, give AppBrain Fast Web Installer a shot.