Apoorva Ragam


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Nishan, Asif Ali, Nithya Menon, Abhilash, Hima, Vinayan
director Siby Malayil
rating G

Siby Malayil is a celebrated Malayali director with several awards under his belt, and his 25th anniversary film Apoorva Ragam translates into English as "rare tune". However, the story turns out to be a clichéd romantic flick. How often have we seen two people from different economic strata fall in love merely for it to end in despair?

Roopesh (Nishan) and Tommy (Ali) are college mates. When Tommy learns that Roopesh is smitten by Nancy (Nithya), he plays cupid. But Nancy's rich father will not allow the two to get together, and we know what follows.

The narrative is structured in a way to shock you at every turn. The loud campus scenes and the ear-shattering songs and the inane jokes have all been woven in to sway you out of your seats. But what they end up doing is leaving a bad taste in the mouth.

If only the film would have relied less on shocking us and more on getting the plot on a firmer, sensible footing, Malayil's work could have had a far better impact.

Performances are average with Menon taking her talent a little further than that in her role in Kerala Café. Nishan and Ali do quite match up to her. Yes, but it must have called for pluck on the part of Malayil to have chosen fresh faces, or almost.