Apka Adarsh


J@tti said:
Calling yourself different is praising as well, and why would someone be different for being worse :kin
Calling itself diff is NOT the same as praising!...kadde kadde banda bura ban ke v dekhna chonda cuz good reh ke ta jayda tar dhakee hi pende:mean


~~brOwn sUg@~~
well mah role model is mah mum.........well da way she managed her wrk n family was amazin........being a coach she always had to go on tourz......buh we neva felt neglected.........te her achievmentz make me feel proud to be her daughter........juz luv her to death.........n whn pple say dat m juz a copy of her n call me junior kulwant i juz feel so honoured.......itz mah dream to achieve a position on which she iz at da moment.......n i knw itz toooo hard....
My role model..

one day i was walking down a street and saw an old man
he was tellling jokes to some kids..
and in jokes telling about his old time .and in jokes he was making fun of himself..
and kids were laughing at it.
i thought he is the man who is making other laugh making jokes about himself
i saluted him because in real life we can make jokes of others but when some on else make joke of us we get hyper. and he was man who ws making joke of himself and was lmaking kids laugh n was laughing himself ..