Anushka and Ranveer own up to their romance


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After their Bollywood romance Band Baaja Baraat won big at the box office, Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh had been keeping their off-screen relationship under wraps, so much so that they refused to be snapped together - even making a rare joint appearance on Karan Johar's famed TV couch only to stress they weren't dating!

But that's now a thing of the past, as the two have been spotted cosying up in public, firstly at Shahid Kapoor's birthday bash in February, following up with a few PDAs at Ranbir Kapoor's house party a few weeks ago - and now, holidaying together in Goa.

A little birdie told us the couple were staying together in Goa, where they're currently filming YashRaj's Ladies Vs Vicky Bahl, and are planning to extend their stay after the film crew returns to Mumbai. And if the sizzling photoshoot for the movie is anything to go by, we think these two lovebirds are finally ready to kiss and tell!

"They definitely made their relationship official, albeit by action," revealed an eyewitness at the Ranbir bash. "They held hands, and set the dancefloor on fire with their raunchy moves."

Strange, isn't it, how the pair are now willing to parade their love after having hidden it for so long behind the ‘friends' tag? But, hang on a sec... don't they now have a movie to promote? Suddenly, it all makes sense.