Anupam Kher to launch his Acting Studio in New York


Prime VIP
Anupam Kher, the name that needs absolute no introduction, has been away from the national news for sometime now. If you wondering why, it's only because he has been extremely busy creating international news!

On one hand, while he has just wrapped up the Akshay Kumar's Hollywood production titled Breakaway, on the other, Kher is all set for the launch of his acting studio, 'Actor Prepares', in association with H R Shah, Chairman and CEO of TV Asia.

Speaking to us, a visibly excited Anupam said, "My institute 'Actor Prepares' is indeed very close to my heart. I have spent considerable time scouting for the best acting schools in the world, studying their curriculam. Each student here receives individual guidance and counseling throughout the program from me." And when asked him about how his school plans to be a bridge between actors and acting, he said, "Acting is a craft which is universal and can be taught, learned and perfected. It is a craft that has now transcended regional and national barriers as reflected in productions with global themes and locales in an era of crossover films. 'Actor Prepares', the school is just not Bollywood-centric; it trains actors to perform anywhere."

Speaking about this association, H R Shah of TV Asia said, "The Bollywood industry is growing faster than Hollywood. India and Indians have been influenced by Bollywood entertainment for the past 100 years. That is why; it is today the largest producer of films in the world. There are a lot of talented Indian American actors in North America, who have no platform to promote their talent. 'Actor Prepares' will help them gain a foothold not just in Bollywood, but in Hollywood."

The official launch of Actor Prepares in New York, will take place soon.