Anupam Kher: I want to make my absence felt


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Having done 400 films in a span of nearly 30 years, veteran actor Anupam Kher is now avoiding the big screen. He says it is sometimes important to stay away from the cameras and lights to make one's presence felt.

"People ask me these days why I am not so prominently visible on screen. But I feel in life, a time comes when you don't feel like running after work. After doing 400 films, I feel contented. Sometimes it becomes important to make your presence felt with your absence; that is what I am doing now," Kher said.

But what keeps the 55-year-old busy?

"I keep myself busy with a lot of projects — films, family, my acting school and programmes like Lead India and now Discover India. It is important to lay the foundation and understand that at this age what is it that you want to do and achieve," said the actor.

Kher will return to the small screen as the host of quiz show Discover India, which will go on air on Sunday on Star Plus.

"On shows I get to be myself. I get the opportunity to showcase my real self. In movies we play characters and people identify us with them. But on shows on small screen I have the liberty to show the real me," he said.