AntiSec Targeted Apple


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These days are not like those a year ago. There were almost no reports over hacker attacks, while today there are up to dozens per day. Another attack is reported by hacktivists that declared war on governments and corporations over their wrongdoings.

Now the operation AntiSec targeted Apple, which can be referred to as one of the most secured sites on the Internet. At least, for the last 8 years no attack on the website has been successful.

The hacker activists claimed they had managed to steal 26 usernames and passwords from Apple and reported the attack online. In addition, they also published a link to an Apple’s server used in processing survey information, along with username and password data for the company’s 26 administrative personnel.

What is more interesting about the hack is that the hackers called the attack not “serious”, admitting that they only did it to show that Apple could have been targeted, too. However, they promised not to target the company any more, because they were “busy elsewhere”. Indeed, Anonymous and other hacker groups and individuals have been a bit busy over the last couple months attacking such organizations as Sony, AT&T, and federal agencies like the CIA, the American Senate, and the Arizona Police Department.

Meanwhile, Apple made no comments regarding the reported attack, but there is more news about the company that it also left without comments. The matter is that a German government watchdog discovered that the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch had “critical weaknesses” that could have been exploited by criminals. They accused Apple of saving money by not providing virus checking software. In other words, the company didn’t worry too much about security.

The German federal office for information security warned that simply clicking on an infected PDF file is enough to infect the Apple device with malware on a number of versions of iOS operating system, which are run on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2 and the iPod Touch. So, all it takes is a user opening a site that carries an infected PDF file, allowing cyber criminals to steal passwords, planners, pictures, text messages, and emails. Moreover, it will be also possible to hack phone conversations!

Actually, the weak points in the system will simply allow attackers to gain administrator rights and therefore get access to the whole system. However, Apple has neither issued a fix for the problem nor indicated that it was going to do anything about it at all.