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Getting old is something inevitable, and cannot be avoided. As you grow old, wrinkle appears, the body strength declines, cardio fitness diminishes, and bone density reduces. Moreover, problems in mind functioning also take place because of reduced physical activity and quality of health. Being old does not mean that you should stop involving in physical activities. To look and feel younger, this is the actual time to involve in sports, swimming, etc. There are some natural anti aging muscle toning exercises that are really effective. Anti aging exercises will keep you fit and active and just by toning your muscles, you can appear 5-6 years younger than you are. In recent years, Anti Aging Exercises have gained popularity among beauty experts, though people have been doing them for many years. In fact, many people have opted for doing Face Lift Exercises instead of cosmetic surgery, due to its positive impact seen on both appearance and health. Here are provided some easy Anti Aging Muscle Toning Exercises.

Exercises for Eyes

1. Close your eyes tightly and place both thumbs at the outer corners of the eyes and gently pull the skin towards your temples.

2. Firmly close your eyes. Place both forefingers flat under your eyebrows and stretch the skin upwards, while keeping your eyes closed.

3. Keep your eyes open; raise your eyebrow while half closing your eyes. Hold the position for a second. Open your eyes as wide as you can and hold for a second.

4. Keep your eyes open. Look up and down as far as you can without shifting your head. Do the same to the left and right. At the end, stare ahead.

Exercises for Neck & Throat

1. Grasp the bottom of your chin with an open palm. Tilt your head back so that you are staring upwards until you feel your throat skin stretching.

2. Grasp the bottom of your chin with an open palm. Now shift your hand to the bottom of your throat and stretch the skin downwards.

3. Bring your lips together as if for a kiss, and tilt your head back to the ceiling. Stretch your lips as if you're trying to kiss the ceiling above you.

4. Tilt your head back as if staring at the ceiling. Bring your lower lips over the upper one and feel the stretch in your throat skin.

5. Tilt your head back as if staring at the ceiling. Bring your tongue out as if trying to touch your chin. Feel the stretch and relax.
Exercises for Lips

1. Keep your lips firmly together. Now bring your lips towards your nose. Hold the position and relax.

2. While keeping your lips and teeth pressed together, smile as widely as possible. Hold the smile and release.

3. Bring your lips in a kiss position as hard as you can. Hold this position and release.

4. Pucker your lips as far out as possible. Try to touch your nose with the upper lips and aim for the chin with the lower one.

Exercises for Cheeks

1. Keep your lips closed; suck both cheeks inward. Hold and release. Do this exercise by sucking in one cheek at a time.

2. Fill your mouth with air and close your mouth. Hold the air under your upper lip for a few seconds; then move it to your right cheek and hold. Move to your left cheek and hold. Move the air to your lower lip and hold. Blow the air out.

3. Keep your lips closed. Pucker your lips by using your cheek muscles. Hold your lips puckered for a few seconds and release.

Foods For Muscle Growth

Every man, worth his salt, craves to put on muscle, if he hasn’t already that is. This desire is there in both the genders. Women, generally, prefer the toned look as opposed to the beefy look that men pursue. At the end of the day, however, it can be safe to say that both men and women wouldn’t mind living with as much ‘muscle’ as they need or want. Sadly, however, putting on muscle is not as easy as people would like it to be. To put on muscle, what you really need is your own unique combination of exercises and nutrition. Most people, when looking to put on muscle, tend to focus on exercises and choose to ignore nutrition, truly a very unsafe practice. If you really want to put on muscle, you have also got to eat the right kind of foods. Read on to find out what kind of foods you need to be eating to put on some muscle!
Foods That Promote Muscle Growth

Don’t be surprised, but almonds can actually help you put on muscle. Did you know that a ¼ cup of almonds contains around eight grams of protein? This only stands to signify that your ¼ cup of almonds contains around two grams of protein more than an egg. Almonds also come with the added advantage of providing you with healthy monounsaturated fats and magnesium. So, if you are looking to build some serious muscle, feel free to stock up on almonds.

You need protein to build muscle, and protein is found in plenty in a grain native to South America. The grain is known as quinoa and the protein it nourishes your body with is blessed with all the essential amino acids. It is also a gluten-free food and is easy to digest. It is no wonder then that quinoa is often referred to as the ‘mother of all grains’.

Although oysters are not too popular as foods that help to build muscle, they sure have what it takes to put on muscle. Oysters, in fact, are a well kept secret of bodybuilders and weightlifters. Hundred grams of cooked oysters comes with around twenty grams of protein and only five grams of fat, making it the ideal food for putting on muscle!

Cottage Cheese
Did you know that just ½ a cup of cottage cheese contains around fourteen grams of protein? This really is some serious protein. What also makes cottage cheese a winner is the fact that a ½ cup of it comes with only eighty calories and less than two grams of fat!

As a kid your mom probably forced you to drink milk when you really despised it with all your heart. However, as an adult, if you are looking to build muscle, ignoring milk is not the best thing to do. Milk is muscle building fuel. It provides you with all the essential amino acids and its skimmed variants are low on fat too. If you are not too fond of the taste of milk, in its purest form, you can always opt for flavored milk.

Lean Meat
Lean meat here stands to signify the cuts of meat that come without fat. For that ripped look you can zero in on lean beef. This can prove to be extremely helpful because around hundred grams of lean beef comes with around thirty grams of protein. However, it is important to mention here that hundred grams of lean beef comes with around eleven grams of fat and around 200-plus fats. This, however, shouldn’t scare you away from lean beef, one of the richest sources of protein known to man.

Fish for muscle is what fuel is to a bike. In other words, hundred grams of a fish, say salmon, can contain around 25-plus grams of protein, making it fuel that packs a punch enough to promote muscle growth. Fish is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, monounsaturated fats and vitamin D. When choosing to gorge on fish to reap its health benefits, make sure it’s grilled as opposed to fried.

Chicken And Eggs
Chicken, as muscle-building food, really ranks high on popularity because of the fact that around hundred grams of it comes with thirty-one grams of protein and just four grams of fat! An egg, on the other hand, comes with five to six grams of protein and just around sixty easily perishable calories. Here, as muscle building foods, chicken and eggs really make for two reliable ‘protein supplying rock stars’.
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