Another addition - My Nissan Skyline V35 Coupe


Codename 47
I've bought and sold around 4 cars in last 11 months and came up to the decision that I need a fast car. So finally bought a Nissan skyline V35

sold under Infiniti G35 tag in US/Canada
Engine: 3.5Litre V6 (VVT)
Drive type: Rear Wheel drive
Body : Coupe 4 seat
Power output : 206 KW (Factory)

Photo attached


very nice body style....always loved them until 2007 when they fucked up the exterior design. 19" wheels and drop it. with a sleek spoiler and u have a really nice looking car.


Codename 47
eh meinu 12 ku di payi on road not bad
i was originally started looking for a decent R34 Skyline and came across one but that kinda looked thrashed. Most of them are thrashed, good ones are not for sale. Australia has large number of R34 GTRs and GTTs

Check out Stancenation, most of the R34s are from NSW and VIC

E92 335i twin turbo right? thats a freakin fast car. show us the ride bro!

I like V35 Coupe only not the sedans, v37s are nicer in hard top convertibles
3.0 twin turbo engine, 18" bmw sports wheels with michelin super sports tires. Ride height dropped on eibach prokit. Bmw performance exhaust. No modifications to the engine because i like the way it is, pulls like diesel engine.


Codename 47
yeah they are good cars
they are one step down from m3
lovely E92 body shape I like the most. F30s are okay too but looks to sharp for my liking.

I am not planning to do any upgrades on my one.

E90/92 4 cylinder motors have issues. if you don't have those motors you are good!