Angelina Jolie to adopt fourth child


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Angelina Jolie is reportedly set to adopt a four-year-old orphaned girl from Caribbean nation Haiti.

Jolie who already has three adopted children, and naturally conceived Shiloh, four, and two-year-old twins, Vivienne and Knox, first met the child in February 2010, a month after the natural disaster.

"Angelina's lawyers are in the process of getting an authorisation so Leah can spend some time with her in America. That's standard procedure, basically they need to make sure Leah will adapt well," quoted a source as saying.

"A lot of observers from groups such as the Red Cross are ensuring that Angelina is treated like anybody else and not fast tracked, which would be viewed insidiously," the source added.

According to the report, there are worries that the adoption authorities may not be able to cope with the massive interest in Jolie's plans.

"There is also a concern about the Haitian authorities not being able to deal with such international pressure. But for now, Angelina is almost reaching the final steps of the gruelling adoption process," the source added.