Angel Eyes' home country


Tenu hasi kis gal te aa rahi :k

SP tu check up kara le apna...kise change doctor ton..plz

rofl rofl rofl


Done Deal !
SP main uganda to hi aa..........hahahaha
te mainu ugandan bolni vi aundi hai

ghuhsanj suyhjhsuyau hjsdushja jkhsu ai
this is ugandan u know

hahahaha ikk funny gall dassungi baad cho ..........hahahaha:bhajo


Done Deal !
Zara hun das vi deyo funny gal.
hmm..........ok so i was in UK once, and u know how all the cabies there are pakis (i mean no offense, all our cabies here at nothing against cabbies) me and 3 other friends in a cab in london, and the cabbie wanted to start a conversation, so he goes "where u girls from" (although he pretty much knew the girls look brown).....and we are always very careful from starngers, so i didnt wanna say much, SO i answered "uganda"...He goes again "what country are u from?, and i was like "uganda sir"
then my other friend goes to me "remember our cows in uganda, we used to milk them and they were soo cute, and their milk tasted soo good, i bet cows in UK dont give such good milk".......
o god i cudnt stop laughing, but i didnt want him to hear it, so i was giggling inside.......god and she started saying something in some made-up language which we said was even got funnier......

The cabbie prally thought of us as big retards.........
it was pretty funny at the moment :roll