Anees Bazmee's Salman-Asin starrer Ready to be shot in Lanka


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Anees Bazmee's Salman-Asin starrer Ready to be shot in Sri Lanka

Even before the hangover of a spectacular Videocon IIFA Weekend 2010 subsides, it seems like the host country, Sri Lanka, has already begun reaping the benefits of playing host to IIFA's magnificent 11th edition. Recognizing the gorgeousness of the island nation, and the welcoming warmth received by the Indian Film Fraternity during another magical IIFA weekend, Anees Bazmee's new film Ready, produced by T-Series and starring Salman Khan and Asin in lead roles, will now be filmed in Sri Lanka, beginning 20th June, 2010. The movie's location for shooting was originally scheduled to be Mauritius, but after enjoying a beautiful locale like Colombo during the Videocon IIFA Weekend, there was much enthusiasm to change the location to Sri Lanka

It may be recalled that in the absence of the Bachchan parivar and Shah Rukh Khan at the recently held IIFA weekend in Colombo, it was none other than Salman Khan who was the main attraction at this extravaganza. The actor, who played a key role in the IIFA Hands for Humanity Project, as the Brand Ambassador for Charity, thoroughly appreciated the kindness and generosity of the Sri Lankans and claims to be thrilled about returning to the neighbouring island.

Sri Lanka is undoubtedly excited to welcome the whole cast of Ready. It seems like the exuberant aura of Sri Lanka, that received global recognition at the Videocon IIFA Weekend will prove to be a big plus for this host country in the days to come.