Android vs iphone

Hi guys,
I am planning to buy a new phone just can't decide which one should I go for. Can you guys please tell me the pros and cons of both so that I can make a decision and also suggest me some good models to consider.
Budget is not an issue.
Thanks in advance.
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It totally depends on your preference that what you need mostly.

If you need best camera with best performance so you can consider Oppo Find X2 Pro, but only major drawback is Color Os. Its not that bad but according to price, os is not justifiable.

On the another hand, if you want decent cameras with stock android os like Oxygen os then you can see Oneplus 8 pro. All things are fine but only drawback is Charging. I mean its competitors like Oppo Find X2 Pro are offering charging of 65W, which can juice up phone 0-100% in just 35 minutes and Oneplus offers 30W charging which can charge phone in 1+ hour.

PS: Oneplus has better market value then Oppo.

Other options like Samsung s20+ etc are good if you're buying Snapdragon version.


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Depends on your requirements,

trucaller caller/call recording etc. don't work well on iphone (atleast not without jailbreaking)

on other hand, apple support for older phones is better than any android manufacture. apple will provide latest updates for older phones but most androids will only receive updates for 1-2 years.

high upfront cost but better resale for iphone.


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Android gives you much access than iphone
As rightly mentioned by @Dhillon about call recording feature, these basic features are sometimes game changer in certain situations.
As far as updates are concerned Oneplus is good in providing updates to old phones, like Oneplus 3T got final update in 2019, Oneplus 5 still getting updates and so on, even Honor V10 is getting updates.

Battery and charging
Android phones are much better in this department
Like Pankaj said Oppo has 65W fast charger and even Oneplus charges quickly with 30W charger, but on iPhone you will miss such fast charging.

For hard gaming Apple is better.
Apple has better system optimization amd and much better processor.
But, what makes our life easy with smartphone is its usability, basic features like call recording, fast charging, universal type c port, transfer files easily, etc.

So, it depends on what you want?

You may consider Oneplus 8 pro, Oppo Find X2 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S20+ etc


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2 saal yaan wad use karna tan go for iphone
else android 1 saal use karan lai vadia

main aap ios te eese karke shift hoia.