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Google is making it easier to quickly share files between Android devices. The company’s Nearby Share feature is rolling out now to some Google Pixel and Samsung smartphones, and it should be available for more devices running Android 6.0 or later soon.

It’s also coming to Chromebooks sometime “in the coming months.”

Nearby Share lets you send files, photos, URLs, or any other content that can be sent via the Android share menu. But instead of sending it via an email, text message, or third-party app, you can send it directly to other devices in your proximity.

When you want to send a file, just choose the Nearby Share option, your phone will look for other nearby devices, and then it will choose the best protocol for sending your content, whether that’s Bluetooth, NFC, WebRTC, or a peer-to-peer WiFi connection.

Nearby Share supports anonymous transfers, so you don’t need to add someone to your contact list or trade phone numbers to send files or data. And files aren’t received automatically, the recipient will have to accept them.

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