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Meet New Android N and Allo And Duo – Google i/o have always been interesting in one or the other way every year. Some of the most remarkable and exciting new features are coming for smartphones , Auto and Virtual reality in 2016 and 2017, which google showcased at the Google I/O 2016. Google I/O showcases the pinnacle of new innovations and the vision Google have for the Android users.
This year Google has nailed it and have delivered some of the biggest innovations and feature ever seen on Android platform.



  • The all new Android N – More Smarter and Faster
  • Allo – the new messaging app.
  • Duo – the new video calling app.
  • Daydream – A new VR version of Android to fuel the VR ready smartphones.
  • Google Assistant becomes More Chattier and Smarter
  • A Smart Speaker for Smart Home known as “Google Home” – Always Listening Microphones
  • Android Wear 2.0 with a Tiny Swipeable Keyboard – Now you want to type on your wrist.
  • Google Android Auto gets new features like Waze.
A whole new software update for Android users and 2 new messaging apps are coming soon at a Nexus device near you. If you don’t have any.


What is Google i/o without the Google’s latest update. Android N which was showcased in March for developers was revisited. Android has really grown and evolved with every new update. Android N packs loads of features .
Multi window support
True multitasking has finally arrived! A much awaited feature on popular demand. Android phablets and tablets are not justified without this feature. Well now Google is headed in the right direction. A long press on multitasking button (recent apps) and you will be welcomed by a feature where you can use two apps at one time. One can also adjust its height/width on the screen by sliding the bar up and down accordingly.

Meanwhile Android TV gets picture-in-picture mode, allowing you to continue watching your show in a smaller screen while checking other things simultaneously.
Quick settings menu
Earlier we had to pull down the notification twice in order to use the shortcuts, now Google has made it even more easier and less time consuming. Only once we pull down the notification and we are directly greeted with the shortcuts. Where we can switch on and off any toggles Google has to offer.

Now it also offers a dedicated button for swapping and placing toggles according to your wish whereas earlier we had to go into system tuner. Now you can place the toggles wherever you like.
Direct reply notifications
A feature which most of the skins and roms already have since ages but still when Google does it, it shouts importance.

Now no longer you have to navigate yourself from app to app to just reply a message while doing some other work. You can just reply within the notification that appears at the top of the screen.
Now Google is also keen on expanding this with 3rd party apps which means WhatsApp will also get it along with FB messanger and others.
Bundled notification
Making life easier, All messages from a specific messaging app, for example, are bundled together in the notification shade.
To view or read just by dragging the notification or by sliding two finger to expand the notification it will allow you to read and also reply then and there to the messages.
Faster email responses- When considering mails Google has taken an interesting approach, when received 2-3 mails together you can further expand the notification and it’ll expand to such extend where you can actually see the name of the sender and the option to directly reply or archive the mail.
A quick switch from app to app which lets you jump back to the previous application with a double tap of the recent apps button in the navigation bar.
Also the inclusion of “CLEAR ALL” button has finally arrived on popular demand after a lot of crying for years.
I already love this function on the Samsung touch wiz UI.
Doze 2.0
Doze which made a debut in Android M, it was very popular and the most helpful features which changed the scenario of the stand by timings in the Android world.

2.0 version has made a big deal out of the standby timings; as earlier we had to leave the device untouched to activate the doze mode. Where as now Google states; it thoroughly limits background tasks whenever the screen is turned off. Which means doze will kick in as soon as the screen is off which is ideal when carrying phone in pocket or bagpacks and not worrying about the background processes consuming the battery.
Gaming perspective
Inclusion of Vulkan API has given a free ability to the developers to directly control the GPU of the devices, and it would result in better and smooth performance for games.
Updates have also seen a fresh take on it as now the security patches will be directly downloaded and a simple boot will take place. Google has also got rid of that annoying “Android is updating” pop up when you restart after an update.



Allo is mobile only app where we login and allow it to use your Google account and sync with it. It consists of usual messaging features including stickers,emojis,photos,etc.
Watch out What’s App , Google is planning something fishy.
An app where one can message through emotions. Instead of using caps and bold letters you can straight away send the writing with emojis and then decide the size of the message where it states the power your trying to imply over it. Users will be able to call on the Assistant for information and automatically generated replies.

A direct competitor to Apple FaceTime. By now you must have guessed it, its a video chatting app. Where one can talk to each other and also see each other while talking from any corners of the world. Similar to what Apple offers.

When you open the app you will be greeted with the selfie cam open for the second person to see you and a small preview of you below in one of the corners. When you pick who you want to call, a feature called “Knock Knock” allows the person you’re calling to see a video preview of you before they even answer.

Duo will also be available in both the ruling parts of the tech space (Android and iOS).
Truly Android N takes the user experience to a whole new level.
All the latest Nexus devices will receive it by the end of the summer. While other smartphones will have to wait for a bit long.


A Smart Speaker for Smart Home known as “Google Home” – Always Listening Microphones – The new Google Home speaker is a cute gadget that you may want to have around you. It comes with the OK Google hotword support and will make you talk to the speaker for any assistance you need.
Google Home will become more and more a control center for your whole home,” Mario Queiroz, Google vice president of product management
The plug-in speaker, coming out later this year, will be able to play music on speakers throughout the home, turn on lights, check the traffic and, of course, query Google search. The internet of things has arrived and google is looking for more artificial intelligence as well as deeper integration to the next generation of appliances.
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