an old friend or new love ?


yeah yeah, i know what you guys gonna say .. this is a very subjective question. lolzz
still, if you have no other option but to answer promptly, then what/whom does your instinct tell you to choose ? :baby:baby:baby:baby


main tan purana dost choose karangi coz jeda navan pyar hovega us nu samjhan layi te janan layi bada time chahida hai..par jo rishta purana hunda hai us de wich una hi pyar zada hunda hai...i wil prefer my old frend instead of choosing a new love...


hmmm......hmmmm......well if u don't have that kind of love feelings for your old frd.....then how can u make a deliberate switch from a casual friendship to a love relationship includes friendship...but its still different than some simple friendship....u dont find romanticism in friendship....but its a very much part of a love relationship....don't knw:wacko....its what came to my mind promptly:chew


If by new love you imply someone you started to date recently, then definitely an old friend.