AMD A6-3650 APU Processor Review

The AMD A6-3650 APU is available as a retail boxed processor under the part number AD3650WNGXBOX and it retails for $120 shipped.

Included for this price is of course the AMD A6-3650 APU, a cpu cooler and it is backed by a three year warranty.

The GPU inside the AMD A6-3650 is called the Radeon HD 6530D GPU and it has 320 Radeon cores running at 443MHz with performance reaching 284 GFLOPS of GPU compute power.
When it comes to price versus performance the AMD A75 ‘Lynx’ platform prices out as being less expensive than its direct competitor for both the processor and the motherboard. The Intel Z68 platform performs better in the CPU tasks and the AMD A75 platform performs better in the GPU tasks.

The AMD A75 can play decent game titles without a dedicated graphics cards, but some CPU intensive tasks might take a bit longer.

When it comes to peak GPU compute power the AMD A8-3850 has 69% GFLOPS than the A6-3650 for an additional $20 more at the time of purchase.

If you care about GPU performance you might want to pay that extra 17% and get better performance.

The A6-3650 APU is certainly good for generic PC usage and to play a game in the lower resolutions. But most of all, for the money it’s nice value.