Amazing Houseboat by X-Architects


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Waterfront property can be extremely expensive in large cities so some people decide to live on boats to be close to the water. Depending on the size, a boat can be an affordable solution or it can run into the millions of dollars. But for those who can’t decide between a house and a boat, they might want to consider a boathouse. Designers of X-Architects have worked closely with Leen Vandaele, interior design architect and design consultant from Squisito, to develop a houseboat that creatively combines the nautical lifestyle with modern engineering. The primary structure of the floating boathouse is made from two catamaran beams which provide stability. Stainless steel and glass is also used extensively to provide a modern and elegant look.

The houseboat is a 60.6-ft by 22-ft structure which includes an upper deck with a concealed kitchen, a dining area, and a living room. The lower deck is where you will find the bedrooms, a bathroom, and the Captain’s cabin or steering cabin. The houseboat also features a terrace with a spiral staircase which can be used as a sun deck.

Because so much glass is used throughout the structure, there is plenty of natural light on the inside of the boathouse. You will also find lots of high-end contemporary furniture in virtually every room on the boathouse providing a welcoming ambiance.

This thing looks pretty cool but I would much rather have a small yacht. That way, I can still have the “waterfront” property and actually enjoy the sea when I throw crazy parties in international waters.