Alfa Romeo Brera Italia Independent - 2010


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This Alfa Romeo Brera has been designed by the fashion house Italia Independent. The interior sees such upgrades as black leather upholstery and carbon fiber trim. The car is painted in Titanium Opaque and features 18 inch alloy wheels.

(from Alfa Romeo) Meet the first Alfa Romeo Brera "Italia Independent." Sergio Cravero, managing director of Alfa Romeo Automobiles delivered the car to Giovanni Acconciagioco founding partner of the brand that operates within several goods sector to package Italian style and innovation for global consumption. On November 5, the car will set out from Milan for an original tour to discover the "fashion roads" of Europe. A route that will include the cities where the local inhabitants express their personal and creative style most spontaneously on the street: Milan, Zurich, Paris, London, Brussels, Berlin and Stockholm. Alfa Romeo Brera "Italia Independent" will be driven by Fosco Giulianelli, creator of the "The Fashionist" (the fashionist) a style & street guru who captures the coolest people in an absolutely natural way. The most interesting shots and videos will feature on the official websites of Alfa Romeo, Italia Independent and The Fashionist. A journey as truly unique as the international debut of the car, which took place in July this year against the magical backdrop of Porto Cervo.

But the new Alfa Romeo Limited Edition car does not only brings its unmistakable style to real roads. Since October 22, it has also featured on the virtual tracks of "Forza Motorsport 3," the most important racing videogame for Windows compatible consoles such as the Xbox. The game allows you to choose between 100 of the most exclusive road tracks in the world, from race circuits to the winding cliff roads of Amalfi. This means that the more than 4 million fans who buy "Forza Motorsport 3" every year will have a chance to try out a virtual Alfa Romeo Brera "Italia Independent" on the roads of Europe, America and Asia.