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Resolutions passed at SAD Delegate session [ 99th anniversary ]

The party rededicates itself to setting up a ‘a genuinely secular and federal India’ based on the principles of peace, communal harmony and equal rights and respect for all citizens, regardless of their religion, caste, creed, language or state.

The SAD calls for making the election manifestoes of all political parties a legally enforceable document and says offending parties and individuals must be punished for enacting fraud on the people.

The party demands that the MSP and procurement of agricultural produce must be made ‘the fundamental right’ of farmers to make both MSP and procurement legally enforceable.

The SAD reiterates Punjab’s inalienable right on its capital Chandigarh and other Punjabi-speaking areas, which had deliberately been left out of Punjab at the time of reorganisation in 1966.

The party condemned CM Captain Amaridner Singh for deliberately compromising on Punjab’s right to Chandigarh.

The meeting also demanded mother tongue status for Punjabi in Chandigarh. Punjabi must be given the status of second language in state adjoining Punjab, including Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi.

The party will continue peaceful and democratic struggle to protect the right on its river waters as a riparian state.

The party also demanded immediate release of all Sikh prisoners languishing in jails for much longer periods than the tenure of their sentence.

Calling for immediate release of Balwant Singh Rajoana, the party expressed disappointment over confusion created on commutation of his death penalty.

SAD resolved to demand from Centre to withdraw Bharat Ratna awarded to Rajiv Gandhi and change the nomenclature of all government schemes or projects named after the former PM.

-- 14 Dec 2019
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chandigarh wala hal hoje,
baaki fir sahi :sadstory

kehnde unlike baki state capitals, punjab nu koi revenue nahi milda cause chd UT hai
khajana hi khali rehnda hamesha :p


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apna hor capital bana Len, Chandigarh wale khush aa UT ch.
Dhillon de massar ne apni pind ale 3 marle panchayat nu de dite, k akhe ethe dispensarri bannu. Dhillon da massar kehnda pai chalo avda nai te aglian aun valian peerian nu hi faida hoju...
20 ku saalu, Hun dispensorri ale kehnde payi massar tere pind naal sada koi len den nai, asi aa falane pind nu service deni aa, falane pind vale aur dispensri ale kush hain apni dispensri mein , tum pendu punajbi rude people apni alag dispensorri banao.
Massar kehnda thdi o bhen nu...