ajkal v aidan hunda aa

Patna, February 3
On Basant Panchami, hundreds of people watched as mute spectators when a young couple was beaten to death in broad daylight in Patna for getting married within the same Hindu gotra or lineage.
Their fault lies in the fact that they dared to violate the socio-religious dictum, particularly prevailing in the cowbelt,which barred love or marriage within same Hindu gotra. Many orthodox Hindus here still believe that marrying within the same gotra amounted to incest.
According to witness, Shailendra Mishra and Pushpanjali were thrashed by bricks, stones and iron rods by their family members and neighbours near Maharajghat in Khajkalan.
Pushpanjali’s father Umesh Mishra was arrested by the police for leading the mob.
Shailendra, who was in his late 30s, and Pushpanjali, who was in her early 20s, eloped and got married a few weeks ago. The news created a furore, particularly in the girl's family,which was reportedly better placed in terms of economic status than the boy's family.
The couple reappeared this morning and went to Shailendra’s home little knowing the fate that awaited them. Police officials said when the girl's father, residing in the same locality, came to know about their arrival, he led a mob to Shailendra’s house and dragged them out.The mob then beat them mercilessly.Their heads were also smashed.



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ewwww ...... such ppl jeez :saw :saw heartless parents heartless people goshhh ... yh im shocked such ppl exist :saw


Done Deal !
bahut hi ghatia harkat hai, par dar jeha lagda eda di stories sun ke ki duniya halle vi kithe baithi hoyi ae, lok eda di soch to uppar kyon nahi uth sakde !


Something like that happened in BC.. In fact a couple of incidents were in news few months back..

  1. An Indian father stabbed his daughter 18 times before killing her because she would not stop dating a white guy.
  2. A mother got her daughter and her husband killed months after they eloped to India and got married.
It's shocking and saddening.
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